Content Audit Toolkit for SharePoint

When prediction is prevention.  The Content Audit Toolkit for SharePoint is a set of tools that allow administrators to create rules based on how documents and metadata was designed to perform.  When conflicts are found the alert system allows notification to people that can fix the issue before it can become a problem for end users.
Available April 8


The people who understand your content, manage it daily, and solve its tough problems can often predict exactly how problems will occur. The Content Audit Toolset philosophy is that this type of organizational knowledge can be turned into a series of audits run on your content at regular intervals to ensure these conditions aren’t present.  




Duplicate Auditor

Find duplicate, similar, and redundant documents across libraries, webs, and site collections.

Create and schedule alerts for assurance against future problems.



Content Visualizer

Simplify problem solving  with the ability to visualize documents and metadata across webs, libraries, and site collection. Available for all versions of your content.




Reserved Terms and Keywords

Define terms that should not be used in new file names and titles, or limit the areas of your company that are able to use these terms.  Currently under development.







The Content Confident Toolset is open source software available for download on GitHub.  

I make my living as a SharePoint consultant and developed the toolkit as a go to solution for the problems I know SharePoint people face.  I hope it helps you as well.

If you need help setting up the toolkit or using it to solve problems with your sharepoint environments, I hope you contact me first.


A blog run from this site is imminent.  Please check back shortly.



I anticipate the toolkit to be ready for general download via GitHub by mid March, 2019.

The initial release supports only SharePoint Online.  Support for on-premise versions may be added if there’s interest.