Reserved Terms and Keywords for SharePoint

When some words are off limits or already being used

In development.  Contact for interest in early adoption.

This system will allow you to reserve words, terms, and phrases not be used in file names and\or titles for new SharePoint content and offer configurable alert options for content that conflicts with these rules.  

If you’ve created pages that highlight individual departments you may consider reserving the filename Finance.aspx and the title Finance Department since that could cause confusion in search results or other areas.  Or maybe you want to ensure only the Product Development team uses the terms Product and Guide together in the same file name.


Configurate via List

Configuration from one more SharePoint lists will allow your or the people you specify to maintain the list of reserved words in your organization.

From there it’s a matter of analysis by slicing and dicing your data as needed to solve your problem.

Reserve Entire Libraries

Point to entire libraries containing your most important files or pages and let the system automatically maintain their exclusive file names and titles across the organization as new content is added or renamed.

Add Exclusions

Key users or locations can be excluded from these rules when you trust their judgment should overrule your keywords.

Manage Alerts and Response

The toolset software never edits your content.  Alerts with content details will be sent to a SharePoint list where the power of MS Flow can be used to respond in whatever way you see fit.